Theses in progress

Opinion Analysis in Spanish

PhD: Eugenio Martinez Chamber

Directed by L. Alfonso Ureña López, M. Teresa Martín Valdivia

Abstract: The choice of purchasing a product or service by a person is influenced by the opinions of their trusted environment. Internet, particularly since the publication of the first portals based on the Web 2.0 concept has allowed the circle of trust is extended to members of a particular publishing reviews website. This has caused the number of views that a person may have to make a decision is very high, and even difficult to make a decision before such a volume of information. The opinions posted online are not only useful for those who are about to purchase a product or service, but also for companies that offer such products or services. For a firm knowledge of the customer feedback is the best feedback they may have.

The first conclusion of the previous paragraph is that an automatic analysis system reviews, to identify and classify subjective texts, is necessary. The aim of the thesis is to study the various techniques that can be applied to solve this problem. Moreover, considering the paucity of research in this task with texts in Spanish, the study focuses on the Spanish language.

The results are being achieved can be found in the works of the student.