Here you can find demos of projects and applications developed by the group:


Abstract: OPENBOOK is a new interactive tool that will assist people with autism to simplify written documents into a format that is easier for them to read and understand. This program is currently being developed by the FIRST project.

Access to OPENBOOK: click here

Videos: Carer | User

Interactive demos: Carer | User

MarUja: Virtual Assistant

Abstract: Maruja is a prototype virtual assistant for charter services at the University of Jaén. By combining various resources of natural language processing, and knowledge based on the computer service FAQ at the University of Jaén, it has built a Virtual Assistant which aims to facilitate the resolution of doubts among the users of these services.

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UjaBP: University of Jaén People Search Engine

Abstract: UjaBP is a web browser available to all staff of the University of Jaén, the result of a project in which a system that automatically extracts information from all staff from various online sources was developed, formatting the content in the final platform.

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