Urban Geocaching: Discover Jaén Playing With Your Mobile Phone

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Instituto de Estudios Giennenses

Geocaching Urban Jaén is a project that has been funded by the Institute of Giennenses Studies, aims to develop a platform for tourism innovation that allows the user to choose a route between a set of proposals with the goal of touring the city and noticing details not otherwise have the opportunity to discover.

Geocaching is a new form of entertainment that consists in finding a sequence of geographic locations using GPS devices. These points are organized in such a way that recreates a “treasure hunt” by hidden locations under riddles.

Although initially this new form of entertainment was designed to explore natural landscapes while a tinge of competitiveness, fun and games are included, with the ease of use and its wide and rapid spread, this method began to be applied in an urban environment, offering at the same time fun, knowledge of the natural and cultural environment and, ultimately, a different way of sightseeing.