SCOVACLIS: Spanish Core Vocabulary About Clinical Specialties

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Controlled vocabularies are fundamental resources for the extraction of information from clinical texts using natural language processing. Standard linguistic resources available in the healthcare domain, such as the UMLS metathesaurus or SNOMED-CT, are widely used for this purpose, but with limitations such as lexical ambiguity of clinical terms. However, most of them are not ambiguous within a text limited to a given clinical specialty. This is one reason, in addition to others, for classifying clinical texts by the clinical specialty to which they belong.

This lexicon contains a collection of medical terms in Spanish classified and weighted by biomedical subdomain (clinical specialty), using MEDLINE titles and abstracts in Spanish as a source of knowledge.

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López-Úbeda, P., Pomares-Quimbaya, A., Díaz-Galiano, M. C., & Schulz, S. (2021). Collecting specialty-related medical terms: Development and evaluation of a resource for Spanish. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making21(1), 1-17.