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This corpus is an extension of the SFU Spanish Review Corpus (Brooke et al., 2009) with annotations about negation and its scope. It is a collection of 400 reviews of cars, hotels, washing machines, books, cell phones, music, computers and movies from the Ciao.es website. Each domain contains 25 positive and 25 negative reviews. Each review has been annotated at the token level with the lemma and the PoS and at the sentence level with negative keywords, their linguistic scope, the event and how the polarity of the sentence is affected by negation (if there is a change in the polarity or an increment or reduction of its value), also taking into account intensifiers and diminishers.

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Jiménez-Zafra, S. M., Taulé, M., Martín-Valdivia, M. T., Ureña-López, L. A., & Martí, M. A. (2018). SFU Review SP-NEG: a Spanish corpus annotated with negation for sentiment analysis. A typology of negation patterns. Language Resources and Evaluation, 52(2), 533-569.

Jiménez-Zafra, S. M., Martín-Valdivia, M. T., Molina-González, M. D., & Ureña-López, L. A. (2018). Relevance of the SFU Review SP-NEG corpus annotated with the scope of negation for supervised polarity classification in Spanish. Information Processing & Management, 54(2), 240-251.

Jiménez-Zafra, S. M., Martin, M., Lopez, L. A. U., Marti, T., & Taulé, M. (2016). Problematic cases in the annotation of negation in Spanish. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Linguistics (ExProM) (pp. 42-48).

Martí, M. A., Martín-Valdivia, M. T., Taulé, M., Jiménez-Zafra, S. M., Nofre, M., & Marsó, L. (2016). La negación en español: análisis y tipología de patrones de negación. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 57, 41-48.