Generating resources for Opinion Analysis in Spanish

Many problems trying to solve Sentiment Analysis (SA) being the classification of the polarity of the most established tasks aimed at determining the polarity of a document, phrase or characteristic (positive or negative) and to measure the degree of this polarity expressed in these texts by the author. For the classification of opinions in texts written in languages ​​other than English language resources required target languages ​​which are scarce or non-existent is. This fact is increasingly pressing as expeditiously grows creation, contribution and consumption data by online users in other languages ​​other than English. For these circumstances the development of this thesis whose main objective is to generate new resources for AS in Spanish, third language more relevant web 2.0.con intends to prove it is necessary for the development and integration of linguistic resources adapted the domain and the Spanish will contribute to the improvement of the classification systems of polarity.

Mª Dolores Molina González