Acrónimos en biomedicina

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Text normalization in clinical natural language processing includes the task to identify acronyms to obtain their appropriate expanded form. This resource contributes to acronym resolution in Spanish through the creation of a lexicon that facilitates acronym resolution. It is based on a set of acronym dictionaries classified by clinical specialty, where each acronym is characterized by its expansion and a set of features. The new acronym resource is composed of 51 clinical specialties with 3,603 acronyms. Including 228 language-independent acronyms and 391 language-dependent expansions.

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Pomares-Quimbaya, A., López-Úbeda, P., Oleynik, M., & Schulz, S. (2020). Leveraging pubmed to create a specialty-based sense inventory for spanish acronym resolution. In Digital Personalized Health and Medicine (pp. 292-296). IOS Press.