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This corpus was extracted by crawling the website The generated corpus is a collection of patient opinions about medical entities that come from six countries(Chile, Colombia,Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela). It is composed of 743 reviews about 34 medical specialities. There are 109 reviews negative and 634 reviews positive. The reviews are rated on a scale from 0 to 5 stars.

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del Arco, F. M. P., Valdivia, M. T. M., Zafra, S. M. J., González, M. D. M., & Cámara, E. M. (2016). COPOS: Corpus Of Patient Opinions in Spanish. Application of Sentiment Analysis Techniques. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 57, 83-90.

For any questions related to the corpus, please send an email to M. Teresa Martín-Valdivia  or Flor Miriam Plaza-del-Arco.