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CRiSOL is the result of the combination of two linguistic resources for Sentiment Analysis. One of those resources is iSOL, which is a list of opinion bearing words in Spanish. The other one is the widely known opinion lexicon SentiWordNet. The result has been the filtered version of SentiWordNet by means the words that are in iSOL. The iSOL and SentiWordNet information that are in CRiSOL can be used jointly or indepently.

CRiSOL is composed by 8135 words of iSOL, from which 4434 are also linked with their polarity score in SentiWordNet.

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Molina González, M. Dolores, Martínez Cámara, Eugenio, & Martín Valdivia, M. Teresa. (2015). CRiSOL: Opinion Knowledge-base for Spanish. Procesamiento Del Lenguaje Natural, 55, 143-150.


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