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This corpus has been prepared by the SINAI group in December 2008. SINAI SA (Sentiment Analysis) was created by tracking the Amazon website. Nearly 2,000 comments were extracted from different cameras.

Structure: The SINAI corpus containing 5 directories and each represents the number of stars for reviews. (eg directory 1 contains rated with a star). Each directory contains a file in plain text by document/comment.

The amount of comments is as follows:

    • 1…star: 78 comments
    • 2…stars: 67 comments
    • 3…stars: 97 comments
    • 4…stars: 411 comments
    • 5…stars: 1,290 comments

Total: 1,943 comments

Camera Comments
CanonA590IS 400
CanonA630 300
CanonSD1100IS 426
KodakCx7430 64
KodakV1003 95
KodakZ740 155
Nikon5700 119
Olympus1030SW 168
PentaxK10D 126
PentaxK200D 90
Total 1,943

Rushdi-Saleh, M., Martín-Valdivia, M. T., Montejo-Ráez, A., & Alfonso Ureña-López, L. (2011). Experiments with SVM to classify opinions in different domains. Expert Systems with Applications.

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